Soliders hat at Bygones

Discover Bygones displays of Militaria from Waterloo to WWI, WWII and the Gulf War. See a real shelter. Hear the sounds of wartime. Walk through the trenches.

Journey through life during the war. Hear the sirens of an air raid and see a genuine Anderson Shelter. Enter the fully immersive WWI trench - France, 1916 - and discover the daily life of British soldiers in the trenches. Discover the Militaria displays of uniforms, photos, equipment, packaging, signs, ration tins and gallantry medals.

DID YOU KNOW? Over 2 million Anderson shelters were erected during WWII
DON'T MISS The playing cards concealing a secret escape map of Antwerp
Bygones kids
• Imagine life in the shelters during an air raid
• Walk inside the fully immersive squidgy trench
• Count the colourful medals on display
• Spot the soldiers ration packs, still with contents! 
Wartime display of medals at Bygones

Soliders uniform at BygonesAnderson shelter at Bygones

"The trenches were thought provoking"
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