The Period Rooms

On our second level you will enter an upper-middle class Victorian household. 
Here you will see the nanny caring for 6 young children in the nursery, the lady of the house eating breakfast in bed with 3 more young children is ringing the servants bell.
This family is lucky enough to have a flushing toilet and a water heater in their bathroom where you will see the young maid of 11 years old cleaning. She is employed by the family as she cannot afford to go to school but passes her weekly wage on to her family to buy food. 
Vast collections of dolls, Queen Victoria commemorative china, cameras and a music display will then bring you to the dentist... not the demon dentist but close!
The gentleman in the cell is John Lee... his story is somewhat of a mystery still to this day and local to Babbacombe. He was sentenced to murder but on the day he was to be hung something went wrong in his favour!
Next you will come across the kitchen as the main cook, has a short-lived sit down before the preparation of food starts for the family's dinner.
In the parlour, the gentleman rests his swollen foot, he is suffering from gout. The young girl, just 14 is now old enough to join her family in the parlour for afternoon tea.