Fifties shopping arcade at Bygones

A rare treat for lovers of all things kitsch and retro. Browse through the shopping arcade of fifties memorabilia.

Take in the style of the fifties - from homeware and fashion to food, drink, toys and magazines. Admire the colourful fashion of the day from restrictive corsets to costume jewellery. Spot one of the first bakelite TVs and see for yourself the iconic kitchen cupboard of the post-war boom.

Shopping was still a leisurely activity in the fifties where you were served with goods by an assistant and never helped yourself like today.
The beautiful doll celebrating the Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.
Kids Bygones
• Play I spy as you walk through the colourful displays
• Strike a pose - pretend to be a shop mannequin
• Grab some paper and draw your favourite thing

      1950s objects at Bygones

      Visitors looking at Fifties display at Bygones

      1950s displays at Bygones

      1950s displays at Bygones

      Fifties fashion at Bygones

      1950s packaging at Bygones

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